Six Easy Steps
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Learn to lead arts-based, social emotional workshops
The Community Leader offer is a team-centered pathway to creating the life you want to lead. 
It's a win-win-win... WIN!
WIN: Gain a circle of supporters focused on your success
WIN: Improve your finances
WIN: Gain valuable professional experience as an SEL facilitator
WIN: Serve your community by helping its young people thrive.

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Founded on DREAM UP NOW: The Teen Journal for Creative Self-Discovery, a best-selling journal from Free Spirit Publishing, leaders in social-emotional educational materials for over 40 years. 

Love yourself and treat yourself to a dream career!

All the support, coaching and tools you need to quickly and efficiently start a meaningful, profitable business that can help young people in your community move from darkness into light.

You may be witnessing teens struggling with their emotions, stress, or social issues. If you’d like to find a way to help them reach their full potential – and be paid well for your time – please watch this video. 
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Become a Dream Up Now Certified Community Leader

Now is the time to change your teen community’s mindset for the better.

When you were a teen, was there one special teacher, coach, or parent who believed in you — who really listened and tried to understand you?

(Or do you wish you'd had some real support, but never found it?)

The youth of today depend on trustworthy leaders like you who want to create a positive impact. Leaders who…
  • Believe that everyone is creative
  • Encourage art as a healthy form of expression
  • Inspire young minds to gain confidence and courage
  • Understand the importance of self-awareness

In just six easy steps, you'll learn how to lead young people to create their world through art, grow in confidence, identify and achieve goals, and gain self-awareness.
Dream Up Now: The Teen Journal for Creative Self-Discovery offers a fun and cost-effective solution to managing fluctuating teen emotions while supporting positive mental health.

Signature Curriculum

Monthly coaching personalized to YOUR needs

Ongoing Support & Mentoring

Gain leadership skills and grow your circle of supporters

Income Through Service

Boost your financial and emotional well-being
  • Efficient certification process

    Our online course, Six Easy Steps to Leading the Social-Emotional Workshop Teens Want to Attend is available now and is entirely self-paced.

    Once completed, you'll meet up online or in-person for a fun one-hour coaching session with our team to get your business started (included at no extra charge). Our certification process is uplifting, empowering, and straight-forward - and can be completed online.
  • You Matter

    As a Certified Leader, you will have access to ongoing coaching and support from authors Rayne Lacko and Lesley Holmes, and the Dream Up Now team.

What's included?

Lifetime Access to the Course: Six Easy Steps to Leading The Social-Emotional Course Teens Want To Attend. 

Lead your workshops online or in-person if preferred!

Your own Leader Kit including all necessary documents, handouts, and resources to manage your workshops.

Live (synchronous) one-hour coaching to set up your first workshop - included FREE.

Exclusive Bonus pages and emotions sets, participant challenges, and free downloads.

An experienced co-teacher to assist for your first session.

Set your own tuition price, based on your experience and location!

Access to the private Facebook group, Dream Up Now Leaders Success & Support, where leaders can ask the authors questions, and get support.

Connect with other Certified Leaders like you - Dream Up Now Success & Support group on Facebook.

Leader Certification is fully renewable after two years. 

Prizes and opportunities to shine!

Be first to learn about new opportunities for training, and specialized workshops for both adult leaders and teens.

Change your teen community’s mindset for the better.

Drive consistency in social-emotional programming

Lead with ease

Earn a Leader's Income By Helping Others

Quickly and efficiently build a custom workshop to help students move from darkness into light.

Get Certified

Complete this course and get certified through a one-hour live coaching session (included FREE)

FREE Leader Kit

Receive a FREE Leader Kit including all the tools to lead with ease

Earn $ Quickly

Monthly coaching to create a work schedule that suits you, attract as many students as you prefer, and build recognition


Improve your mental wellness, creativity, and financial well-being while widening your circle of supporters

Course curriculum


Managing emotions is a lifelong journey, and we hope this course empowers you—a caring adult, parent, teacher, librarian, or counselor—to gain an increased awareness of your own emotions to confidently lead students in grades 7 through 12 to improve social-emotional skills using Dream Up Now: The Teen Journal for Creative Self-Discovery.

Get Certified to Lead!

Newbie course creators
Get Certified to Lead includes:
  • Leader Kit including all necessary documents, handouts , and resources to manage your online workshops
  • Synchronous one-hour certification training (in-person where available)
  • Exclusive Bonus pages and emotions sets, participant challenges, and free downloads.
  • An experienced co-teacher to assist for your first (online) session
  • Lifetime Access to the Course: Six Easy Steps to Leading The Transformational Course Teens Want To Attend.
  • Access to the private Facebook group, Dream Up Now Leaders Success & Support, where leaders can ask the authors questions, meet colleagues, and share ideas.
  • Background check for clearance to work with youth ages 18 years and younger.
  • Agreement and clear instructions for reporting any suspected abuse, or intent to harm self or others.
  • Entitles you to lead Dream Up Now workshops for up to two years.
  • Other prizes and opportunities to shine!

Community Leader Offer

Newbie course creators
Community Leader Offer includes:
  • All certified to lead items

  • 2 one-hour 1:1 coaching sessions by phone or Zoom or in person with our instructors


  • Safe, Secure and Private Online Teaching platform, pre-loaded with curriculum and tools for a variety of courses.


EARN BACK YOUR INVESTMENT! As a Certified Leader, you can determine a workshop fee based on your community’s needs, starting at $49/per participant to $150/per participant. If you teach only three workshops (three 1.5-hour, 6-week workshops for $49 per participant, with 16 participants you will earn $1764, recovering more than your original investment. If you teach three workshops at $150 per participant, you will earn $5400.00 (net before taxes.)*** You may also offer your workshop to deserving youth at schools, non-profits, and faith-based organizations at no charge.
Based on required 80/20 split to cover the cost of platform, enrollment, materials, and support. All earnings are examples only and are not guaranteed.

What are the Teens in Your Community Worried About, Right Now?

At-risk and need help sorting out family or school relationships

Struggling with emotional issues, sadness, stress or pressure?

High-achieving but unsure how to focus their goals?

Although young people have never had more forms of communication and media for expressing feelings, rates of helplessness, anxiety, depression and suicide have never been higher.
 Young people are struggling to understand and manage emotions, and the good news is that creativity is their innate language. There has never been a better time to establish a social-emotional program for young people. 

Not achieving their potential?

Lonely, isolated, or wishing to get plugged in?

Struggling with identity, or the need for mastery of the self?

With a Dream Up Now workshop, you can facilitate a break-through program that will create a positive and lasting shift in your community.

Rayne Lacko

Rayne Lacko is a Young Adult author and advocate for the arts as a form of social and emotional well-being. Cohost of a youth creative workshop, an annual writing camp, and a teen arts showcase, she inspires teens and their families to use creativity—through writing, art, and music—to stimulate positive change in the world. Rayne lives near Seattle, Washington.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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Lesley Holmes

Lesley Holmes contributes her expertise to several educational and arts nonprofits benefitting children, teens, and older adults in and around Los Angeles. Her work promotes alternative therapies, music education, literacy, and food as a pathway to healing. A lifelong chef and baker, Lesley is a Los Angeles native who enjoys early morning hikes in the Hollywood Hills where she lives with her two teenage daughters
Patrick Jones - Course author
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