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Welcome! We offer creative, arts-based social emotional workshops for teens aged 12-18 years. 

  • Build Confidence & Pursue Your Potential - Begins April 28, 2021 - ENROLL NOW!

  • Get Organized! Set & Achieve Goals

  • GAP (Grief, Acceptance & Peace)
The best instructors have designed the most motivating learning paths for you.

Serving peer groups limited to 5-15 participants only, you can choose from:

 Building Confidence & Pursuing Your Potential

A 6-week transformational workshop to gain self-confidence, manage your emotions creatively, and take steps toward pursuing your dreams, and learn how to move from darkness into light

 GAP (Grief, Acceptance & Peace) 

A 3-hour pop-up minicamp to manage grief and move toward peace

Get Organized!

Setting & Achieving Goals, a 1.5-hour power session of fun (and musical!) organizational tools to turn chaos intocalm.

Art gives you an opportunity 

Art gives you an opportunity to take a painful memory and pluck it out of your head and stick it on the page (or in a song, or a drawing, or even blow it away with your breath). Once that scene is out, and all the emotions tied to it come out as well, it loses its power to hurt you. Art gives you freedom to use your hands, and hands are always looking for something meaningful to do. Creating something that represents a portion of your inner world is probably the most rewarding thing you can do with them. 

6 Weeks Workshop
Starting in April!
Enroll now.
Date: Every Wednesday April 28th to June 2nd
Time: 4:15pm to 5:45 pm Pacific 

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Our leaders care about you.

“I am so pleased to have had the opportunity to contribute to Dream Up Now because I believe it’s the first tool of its kind to help teens navigate through the emotional maze that they face every day. I fully believe that the creative activities Dream Up Now offers will help this generation of teens and future generations to develop into more confident and self-reliable adults.”
"This is such an incredible project. It’s brilliant. It’s going to be a great resource. Dream Up Now is an amazing thing that will really have an impact on the lives of teens.”
“Dream Up Now feels very positive and hopeful, which are things I’m seeking out in my own life. I’m grateful to be involved.”
Kristin L. Tollefson, sculptor/painter/arts educator
Meet the instructor

Rayne Lacko

Rayne Lacko is a Young Adult author and advocate for the arts as a form of social and emotional well-being. Cohost of a youth creative workshop, an annual writing camp, and a teen arts showcase, she inspires teens and their families to use creativity—through writing, art, and music—to stimulate positive change in the world. Rayne lives near Seattle, Washington.
Patrick Jones - Course author
Meet the instructor

Lesley Holmes

Lesley Holmes contributes her expertise to several educational and arts nonprofits benefitting children, teens, and older adults in and around Los Angeles. Her work promotes alternative therapies, music education, literacy, and food as a pathway to healing. A lifelong chef and baker, Lesley is a Los Angeles native who enjoys early morning hikes in the Hollywood Hills where she lives with her two teenage daughters

Patrick Jones - Course author
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